Bin_Shady is the official bot of the DalNet #North_Carolina_Singles channel.

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Public Bot Commands

!seen <nick>
  I think this command doesn't need an explanation. ^_^
!seen <mask>
  Searches the database for entries that match <mask>
  for example "!seen *!user@dialin-*"
!seennick <nick>
  !seen also checks if a user was online later with a
  different nick. !seennick only seens for <nick>
  just a little report on how many nicks are tracked
!top10 [ordering]
  lists the top10 users in the channel
!top20 [ordering]
  same as !top10, but lists the top20 (surprise!)
!stat [user]
  shows the statistics for the user
!place [user/ordering]
  shows on which place the user is
  same as above, but only uses the statistics of today
!quotes !quote !mirandas-a-dumbass (Don't ask LOL)
  displays a random quote from the bot
!selquote <quotenum>
  displays a quote by number
  adds a random quote to the quote database.  DO NOT ABUSE THIS! 
  if it gets abused I will have to restrict this command to ops
All commands are also accessible via /msg.
("/msg  seen <nick>", for example)

Additionally, there are two new commands:

/msg <bot> setemail <email-address>
  sets your email address
/msg <bot> sethomepage <homepage-address>
  sets the URL of your homepage