Room Descriptions


room #1

Certain Death Awaits You

There is no sound. There is no movement. The air is cool
and dry. A faint breeze comes from the north which is the only way
to progree other then a retreat through the portal that you
entered by.


room #2

Path to Your Doom

The air grows a tad warmer, yet the breeze is still light.
To the east the slight sense of movement catches you offguard.
Do you continue to run for dear life?


room #3

Horrible Things lay Ahead

Was that a giggle you heard? Perhaps turning back isn't such
a bad choice after all. The breeze has turned into a moderate
wind now. This place feels alarmingly comfortable, yet a sense
of unease enters your mind.


room #4

Last Chance to Avoid Pain

Dust is blown about blinding sight to the north. You hear
giggles and laughter through the cloud of dust, how can
something so happy give you such a dreaded feeling. Your gut
tells you this is your last chance to turn does the
odd sign in the middle of the room.

exits:south,north(too foggy to see)

room #5

Meadows of Suffering

The beautiful landscape still puzzles you. This was not what
you expected from the journey here. Tiny bugs fly timidly from
flower to flower as a couple of chipmunks scurry underfoot. What
vile entity created this lush land in such a uninviting place?
The black wall surrounds the south and west of your position,
yet the land continues north.


room #6

Meadows of Suffering

You find yourself satnding in a meadow of delicate flowers ,
bathed in light from a strange sun. Small creatures frolock with
playful glee as your pass through bewildered by where you have
ended up. The large open area stretches to the north and to
both sides, but there seems to be a solid black wall in the
direction you came. How are you suppose to leave?

exits:north,west,east,south(too foggy to see)

room #7

Meadows of Suffering

Birds sing carelessly as you wonder through the beds of
daisys and tulips. The grass is green, the air is crisp, and the
black wall lies to the south, never ending. Perhaps it is to
keep inturders out, hopefully not to keep some creature
imprisoned in this land. You notice a large tree to the north,
so large that it might take awhile to walk around it to explore
the other side.

room #8

Meadows of Suffering

The flowers grow higher here and the songs of the birds are
less constant. You pause in wonder as what seems like a small
mechanical man hurries by, but not without greeting you and
giving a strange wink. He appears run straight into the black
wall to the south, when you notice a tunel that blends into the
surrounding blackness of the wall. now where could that lead,
perhaps and exit?


room #9

Meadows of Suffering

Another corner of the meadow, yet just as gorgous as the
rest, except for the constant pressence of the surrounding black
wall, which now curves northward cutting off passage to the
east. A few cute squirrels scamper to the north. You pause to
notice that the strange sun, bright and constanly present, seems
to give off no heat, and you realize that there are no clouds

room #10

Meadows of Suffering

With the black wall to your west and north, you concentrate
on the florishing plants and animals that you are still trying
to conceive how and why they inhabit this area. And you thought
there was nothing special about that Hardware Shop. The meadow
continues to the east where, in the distance, you can see the
huge tree that seems center in the whole meadow.


room #11

Meadows of Suffering

You appear to be on the eastern side of the large tree. The
huge trunk is the only thing that hinders your movement, as the
meadow continues in all other directions. A small glimer of
light from the far northeast catches your attention, perhaps
there is something you can use to aid in your attempt to escape
this lush garden.


room #12

Inside the Tree...of Doom!

Dark and cold, the inside of the trunk is massive, far
larger then it appears from outside. As you raise your torch to
examine the walls, horror fills your very soul. Thousand of claw
marks are scatterd along the wooden walls, along with streaks of
red liquid. You drop your torch only to watch it extinguish in a
pool of blood and entrails. You turn and notice that the wide
entrance has now shrunk to wall of thick ivy. And as if things
weren't bad enough, the snarls of the trunk's inhabitant form
from the shadows.

objects:a wall of thick ivy

room #13

Meadows of Suffering

You seem now be on the western side of the huge tree, this
side has some odd looking ivy growing on it which curves toward
the northern side. A small rabbit snawls on a few violets as a
grasshopper springs from rose to rose. How can so many flowers
grow wild while so many small animals florish. You realize that
there doesn't seem to be any water source around. The meadow is
vast to the north and south.


room #14

Meadows of Suffering

Once again you find yourself next to the black wall, this
time to the east and north. A mole seems to be digging around,
seemingly frustrated, then you notice. There is no dirt! As the
mole claws down it only seems to draw up more flowers, as if
threre is nothing but layers and layers of flowers beneath the
surface. What kind of dungen is this place?


room #15

Meadows of suffering

This seems to be the northwestern most corner of the meadow,
and again to the west and north is the impenatrable black wall.
To the northeast you can see the glimer more brightly, but still
not close enough to make out what it could be. To the southeast
is the huge tree and what appears to be an opening in its
northern side, maybe you should investigate.


room #16

Meadows of Suffering

Standing before the huge tree an odd observation comes to
mind. with the exception of the black wall surrounding the area,
the enterance to this tree is the only hint of darknees you've
seen since entering the meadow. The tree stands tall, but above
the highest branches the wooden trunk seems to become a
"towering" piller of "ivory" that seems to peirce the roof of
the cavern. wonder where it ends up? What you though was a
strange sun actually turns out to be simply a swaying spot light
attached to the side of the pillar. As for the north there
seems to be path leading into the black wall, but how about we
see whats in this tree....


room #17

Meadows of Suffering

Standing in the northeastern part of the meadow, you
question your ealier impressions of this place. Everything seems
so peaceful and serene. More delicate blossoms cover the ground
and a few petals dance in the breeze. to the norhtwest, the
glimer is bright, but too distance to identify without closer


room #18

Begining of the Forest...or Horror!

There are two large trees growing close to the black wal to
the north. Upon further analasys you find that a small path lay
between them leading far to the north. The path seems to be
lined with trees whos branches form a canopy ceiling, blocking
out most light and casting a dark loom on the path. To the south
you can see the huge tree a ways off. As you direct your
attention back to the forrested path to the north, you notice a
small wooden sign somehow attached to the left tree. Is it a
greeting, or a warning?

objects:small wooden sign

room #19

Forrest of Horror

The trees grow so close together along the east and west of
the path, that movement in those directions would require
something like a psychotic lumberjack, or a controled forrest
fire. The flowers that once covered the surface like a
multicolored tapestry, have given way to treeroots growing so
numerous and close together, that its like walking on a hardwood
floor. To the north the dark path ontinues, to the south the
faint image of bright light and flowers now seems more
welcoming then before.


room #20

Forrest of Doom

Trees block your progress to the south and west. The canopy
now sees full of small sudden movements, and the odd sound of
nibbling. You can feel the eyes of dozens on small creatures
watching your every movement. Should you be fearful or puzzeled
by the lgion of small animals following you. The clearing
conitues to the north and east.


room #21

Forrest of Doom

You enter a small clearing where the trees are less condense
and allow more movement to the sides. The canopy is now so thick
that almost all light is blocked out. The forest widens to the
north and both sides. The sounds of birds is now replaced by the
rustling of leaves and small gnawing sounds. A strange sense of
power looms in the far north.


room #22

Forrest of Doom

The scurrying of critters and the blowing leaves make
concentrating on danger a bit tough. The trees again form a wall
to the south and east. The numerous roots cause you to be very
careful in your footing. You notice a large nut fall towards the
ground, but before it hits, a dozen chipmunks flock to it and
scatter away, it never had a chance to touch the surface.


room #23

Forrest of Doom

The surrounding critters seem to be more brave here as they
no longer hide from you. A gopher runs across some roots,
bumping into your leg before rejoining a clutterd group of
rodents watching your everymove. Its almost like they are sizing
you up, hopefully to see if you are a threat, and not if your
easy prey.


room #24

Forrest of Doom

You seem to be standing in the middle of the clearing.
fragments of nuts form piles amoung the tree root floor. The
dozens of creatures watcing you has now become hundreds of
watchers taking interest in every move you make. A strong,
powerful essence is felt comming from the north. There seems to
be tall piles of walnuts here, surrounded by petals from flowers
of the meadow. Could these be offerings to some god?


room #25

Forrest of Doom

More rodents crowd into the area, almost weighing down
branches to the breaking point. Its odd to see squirrels,
chipmunks, hedgehogs, moles, gophers and other various rodents
all clustered together with one uniform purpose. Unfortunatly
whatever that purpose is, it seems to deal with you. Maybe the
area to the north will seem less intense.


room #26

Forrest of Doom

As you enter this area, you step on a twig. The faint snap
send herds of small critters fleeing to the east, towards the
source of power you feel in this area. Only the squirrels stay
their ground, never turning from you. You notice several tall
piles of peacans, decorated with flower buds. What deity is
worshipped in an area like this?


room #27

Altar of the True Lord

The tree roots sprout upward to form a wooden altar in the
back of the clearing. Covered with flower petals and wreaths of
woven vine, the altar is surrounded with offerings of nuts and
berries. As you approuch the altar, a bright white light beams
down from the branches above. The light comes to form as a
large, powerful, glowing, white... squirrel? Can this be the
power you've felt since entering the forrest? bewildered you
notice the other creatures here seem to almost bow to the odd
ruler before you. Should you laugh or change your under


room #28

Forrest of Doom

This place has tested your resolve to great heights, but
what is the power imminating from the west. Should you
investigate, or make a hasty retreat. Here lie tall piles of
acorns laced with braided vines. Hopefully the lord of this
realm does not require a living sacrifice.


room #29

Entering the Black Tunnel

The only light available is from the tunnel's enterance to
the north. Even with a strong torch, there is little to see. The
walls cruve to form a cylindrical tube, black as night and
smooth to the touch. Felling your way, it appears to lead south
from the light to the north.


room #30

A Long Black Tunnel

No light, no breeze, not even a faint smell fills this
tunnel. Since it is obviously not a natural tunnel, you ponder
who could have built this as you make your way through. The
tunnel seems to head towards some light to the north, and more
darkness to the south.


room #31

A Bend in the Black Tunnel

Still dark. Still black. Still smooth. Oh how descriptive
this can be. The tunnel turns from north to east, or east to
north, depending on from which direction you are comming from.
This is why its important to carry a book with you on your
travels. I suggest "Planeswalking for dummies" by the Dominiara
Press. Excellent step by step instructions on transcending
throught the ethereal realm between worlds. If only you could
use that now instead of using this tunnel.


room #32

A long Black Tunnel

The tunnel seem to go on far too long. Your only thought of
hope is that it leads you out of this strange land. Finally
something of interest. Another one of those small mechanical men
wanders through. Though he looks harmless, he kicks you in the
shin and runs away. Who man this things? Alas more tunnel
stretches east and west.


room #33

A Black Tunnel

The darkness carries on to the west, while a flinkering glow
comes from the east. Odd clanking and grinding sounds come from
the east where nothing but dark and silence await to the west.

exits:west east

room #34

Colourless Court

The ground is cluttered with stone and steel. Crumbling
buildings and shattered stands line the roads and allys. Large
sections of the cavern roof has crushed a desserted shop. What
appears to be a dark tunnel is to the west, while the main roads
stretch to the north and east.


room #35

Colourless Court

More rubble and debrise surrounds you, yet the main roads
seem clear. You notice dozens of little gnomes hurrying about
carrying small loads of metal and other materials. Though still
too damaged to enter or occuoy, a number of buildings seem to
have mewly built patches.


room #36

Enterance to Abandoned Artificer Guild

What appears to have once been a hub of knowledge and
innovations, now only a derilect building with crumbling walls
remains. Suddenly a small metal cone rolls out of the guild.
Loud thumps like the steps of a giant flow from the dark room to
the east.


room #37

Abandoned Atrificer Guild

Stepping in, you immediatly hear crunching and snapping
sounds. You look down to see you are stepping on the remains of
several gnomes. A trail of gears and toy-like limbs lead to the
dark back of the guild. Before you can react, a gigantic metal
man emerges from the shadows and extends a huge iron fist
straight at you!


room #38

Colourless Court

More gnomes scatter about clearing rubble ans repairing
cracks and holes in the structures and roads. You notice for the
first time some add blue little creatures jumping around. Where
the gnomes seem to be fixing this lost area, these small
troublesome pest seem to be knocking over and breaking more.


room #39

Colourless Courtyard (South-Western)

Opposed to the area to the south, this section looks
more like a neglected section of the City of Brass then the
warzone southern areas ressemble. Clanking and pounding
noises are loud to the south, whereas a quieter courtyard
opens to the north and west.


room #40

Clourless Courtyard (North-Western)

More gnomes go about the chores of restoration while
also trying to capture the bothersome bebbles. The buildings
are in great condition compared to other areas. The roads
ressemble those of the above city, but with less wear and no
leper stains. A shop seems to be open to the north but the
door won't open for you.

exits:east,south,north(locked door)

room #41

Colourless Courtyard (North)

A small group of bebbles run between your legs,
followed by a determined gnome holding a small net. As the
chase heads south, you hear some rumbling from above and
dust falls from the cavern roof above. The structures around
you are in perfect condition.


room #42

Colourless Courtyard (North-Eastern)

Instead of running about making repaires, the gnomes
in this section operate shops and sell services to one
another like in a real town. An old, kindly looking gnome
greats you and instructs you about local tradition. In order
to enter any of the shops in their land, you must provide a
Token of Barter. How and where you obtain one of these is
anyone's guess.

exits:west,south,north(locked door)

room #43

Colourless Courtyard (South)

Cracking noises are heard from above. A large
stalagmite falls, crushing an unlucky gnome in the middle of
the road. Before you can feel sorry the poor thing, a swarm
of gnomes scurry out, removing the rock and metal leaving no
signs of the incident.


room #44

Colourless Courtyard (South-Eastern)

To your surprise, you see a younge human girl
standing here. Upon further observation she llks exactly
like the flower girl from the City of Brass, and the girl,
in this of all places, is also selling flowers. After a
short conversation you learn they are twin sisters and the
meadow is the source of their wares. As you wave farewell,
you find that the doors to your south and east are locked
but look inviting.

exits:west,north,south(locked door)east(locked door)

Rooms #45,#50,#51,#52 will wait until final shops content is

room #46

Colourless Court

Fallen beams and unreadable signs are piled to the
sides of the street. A small path has been arved through the
destruction, allowing a few gnomes to pass through with
supplies. They seem to use this area for materials instead
of attempting repairs, you notice why. The number of bebbles
in this area is much greater then the areas to the north.
Any restoration would be in futile with all these hazardous
creatures bumbling about.

exits: north,east,south

room #47

Colourless Court

A damaged fountain in the midst of rumble seems to
be a play area for the silly bebbles. The strange blue
creatures bounce around in the dirty water, and point and
laugh at one of there own stuck in some sort of small cage.
Likely a trap set by the gnomes to try and control this
infestation of odd pest. A bulletin board is unreadable
here, covered with dust and small patches of what looks like
blue paint.


room #48

Entrance to Abandoned Sabotuer Guild

Devastation and the sabotuers normally go hand in
hand, but you doubt it was explosives that caused all of
this destruction. Piles of unused ingrediants lay on partial
shelves, torn scrolls and shattered vials layer the ground.
You notce alot of splatters of perhaps blue paint on the
walls. And floors. And ceiling? You hear alot of giggling
and splats comming from the room to the south.


room #49

Abandoned Sabotuer Guild

The walls, floor, and ceiling are completely blue. A
large cauldron eminating power sits in the middle of the
room. From this cauldron towers and ever growing swarm of
bebbles, with some shooting out in all directions and
becoming small stains on the wall. As soon ass you step
forward the tall pile of blue insanity falls on you!